The Karaoke World Championships is an annual singing competition involving nearly 40 countries, and spanning 6 continents.

Every year KWC Countries run national competitions in their respective countries to determine who will move on to represent their nations at the World Championships.

It is with the health and safety of our singers, their friends and family, and our audience members in mind, that we must announce that due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, 

both the KWC UK competition and the 2021 KWC World Finals will be held online again this year.

We will be using a new format in order to give all of the National Champions the spotlight they deserve. The finals event will span several weeks, see preliminary schedule below.

This online competition is for solo singers only and the UK can send 3 contestants to compete for the World Title.  We will still have one overall UK Champion, but 2nd and 3rd place will still qualify to go through to compete in the World Finals.

Karaoke World Championships 2021 Schedule


March 15th - July 31st

Record a video of yourself singing a song and upload it in the Facebook group “Quarantine Karaoke UK” with this information in the captions: “This is my entry for the KWC UK 2021 qualification”, Full name, age, occupation, city and hashtag #kwcuk21. The group can be found here:

Please make sure you are eligible to participate. In Karaoke World Championships a singer is eligible to participate when he/she does not have most of their regular income as a vocalist and does not have a management contract or a recording contract as a singer with a major label or a production.

An entrant who may have had a previous professional entertainment history may enter after a 5-year break. The 2021 competition is open to solo performers only. The singer has to be 18 years old before 1st November 2021.

A KWC video jury will pick singers to the UK Final Round every month. Also singers with most likes will be automatically forwarded each month. Once your video is uploaded in the group, you can start gathering likes from your friends and fans.

31st July 2020 - UK Entry Closes.


7th-31st August

The singers chosen for the Final Round will have to submit another video during August, and the three best singers will be chosen to represent the UK at the KWC 2021 finals.


There will be 80-100 contestants and the first round will be divided into 3 groups

November 6th — Round 1A

November 13th — Round 1B

November 20th — Round 1C

Top 40 singers will perform or Round 2

November 25th — Round 2

Top 20 contestants will perform on Round 3

November 27th — Finals

There will be cash and sponsor prizes and the 2021 World champion will be invited to perform at the KWC 2022 finals.

More information can be found on the international website

KWC UK website: